Chris Brings Books to Life and Children to Books!

Nationally known story-performer Chris Fascione acts out the best of classical and contemporary children’s literature and folktales in fun-filled, participatory shows tailored for specific age groups or family audiences. His unique combination of storytelling, mime, juggling and comedy creates colorful characters from literature who tell their stories as laughter abounds.

Virtual shows are available as well. My virtual shows are as fun and participatory as ever.

“It was as if we were all right there in the library with you!” —Librarian following a Chris Fascione Zoom Show.

“Chris Fascione is the most talented literature-based storyteller in America today. If you have one program in your school or library this year, make sure it is his!” —Esmé Raji Codell, author of How to Get Your Child To Love Reading, Sahara Special, Educating Esmé, Diary of a Teacher’s First Year, and other notable books.

“I just got a hug from a student for bringing you here!” —PTA Mom

Motivating Children to Read for over 25 years